In this tutorial post, we will try to learn how to calculate or find worth of the website.

Online Tool to check your website Worth: CoderCV Website Worth Calculator

1A. Points to consider:-

  • The calculation to find worth of website is based on domain age.

1B. Other Factors to be considered in the real buy-sale scenario are:-

  • Profit business has made so far:- It is important to consider if the business has made any profit so far while it existed. Calculation of profit should be based on factors that business is known for and should not include any personal service or personal introductory profit.

Now, Let’s get into dirty Maths to calculate or find worth of website and monthly visitors. Follow me step by step.

Step 1:

Find the Alexa ranking of the website by visiting website

Step 2:

Take out Calculator and calculate Alexa monthly visitors as per below number -

104943144672 * ( (812235)^-1.008 ) = 115,876.3803 monthly visitors. ( ^ is a power of )

Programmatically using PHP language, we can do something like below:-

<?php $worth = (pow(812235, -1.008) * 104943144672 ); echo $worth; ?>

Now, as we see above, We get estimate of approx 115,876 visitors per month.

Step 3:

Now, since we know, how much is monthly visitors, based on it, we can calculate, how much on an average per day blog can earn using google adsense.

Assuming Google Pays 1.5$ — 3$ per 1000 page views.

So, since you have 115,876 visitors a month, and assuming on an average per visitors browse approx 2–3 pages, You have 347,628 page views ( 115,876 * 3 ).

Now, You make:- ( 347,628 / 1000 ) = 347.628 page views x ( 1.5$ — 3$ )

So, on an average you make ( 521 $ — 1042 $ ) per month and ( 6252 $ — 12504 $) per year ( ( 521$ — 1042$ ) * 12 ).

Step 4:

Since now we know, How much website can yield per year with given RANK?

Buyer and Seller can negotiate the price for 6252 $ — 12504 $.

Please note, the worth of this website is completely based on Average Google Adsense earnings. It has not included factor mentioned above in 1B.

Let us know, if you have any question in the comment down below, we will keep updating this post on the regular basis when required on change of calculation or algorithm.

Online Tool to check your website Worth: CoderCV Website Worth Calculator

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